District Repair is DC's highest rated Apple device repair and service company with over 275 5-star reviews on Yelp

District Repair @ Home

  • Trevor comes to your home / office and fixes your tech problems
  • Alexa, Google Home, faster WIFI, slow computers
  • Flat hourly rate (we can fix a LOT of stuff in an hour!)
  • No problems or questions are too small
  • We're the best in DC (over 280 5-star reviews on Yelp)
  • 20 years experience with Apple products
  • We can either teach you or "just fix it" for you

Keep in mind that this is not an inclusive list, just a sample of past things that we have helped with:

  • New printer setup and old printer issues (won’t print, won’t connect to network)
  • General Apple product questions (saving files, setting new home page in browser, increasing font size)
  • Photo back up to the cloud
  • Slow Mac/iPad/iPhone
  • New WIFI network setup (Google Wifi is our favorite)
  • Setting up of smart home devices like Sonos speakers, Amazon Echo (Alexa), Wink, Phillips Hue
  • Grabbing things off of really high shelves in your house (Trevor is really tall)

When you submit your form below I’ll look over your information and I’ll be able to know pretty closely how long something will take. 

I want to talk to you on the phone too! I just need to be able to look over your info and be able to call you when I’m not in the middle of another session. Please put your phone number in your form below and I’ll call you so we can discuss what you need me to do for you.


Meet Trevor

Hi! I am an Apple Certified technician and I have been a tutor since I was 12 years old. My skills have been honed by 33 years of experience of helping my mom with all of her tech stuff, from printers that won't print to really slow WIFI. Most importantly I've learned when to teach and when to just do something for you. All of the things that you may hate about technology I hate too but I know how to do them really well and really quickly. I love helping people and I'm excited that we're launching an in home service!

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